We know what you’re thinking. You want an incredibly awesome t-shirt for your big event. It’d best it if had 38 different colors, and at least 6 of them should glow in the dark. The shirt itself would ideally be made of wool (yes, they have those, and yes, they’re expensive). Then, as a finishing touch, it would be really nice if wool was inlaid with 14-carat gold.

That would be awesome, and yes, it’s probably even doable (not by us, but surely by somebody). The only problem is that we’ve just described a $500 t-shirt. And, let’s face it. No matter how much you love your family, nobody at your family reunion is paying $500 for a t-shirt.

So then, what are some practical ways to keep the cost of your t-shirt project down while still getting a high-quality t-shirt with an eye-catching design? Well, we’re glad you asked. We’ve kicked around a few ideas, and here’s what we came up with:

  • Quantity is key – For every t-shirt order, there are some unavoidable, one-time costs involved in setting up the printing press. Those costs stay the same whether you’re ordering one shirt or 100 shirts. So when you order more shirts, that cost gets spread out a lot more than it does if you only order one.
  • More Color = More $ – If you check out our portfolio of work that we’ve done for past clients, you just might notice that most of them involve only one color of ink. The simple reason is that shirts with only one color of ink are the most affordable. We’ve found that even the most complex of designs can usually be reduced to one or two colors without losing that “pop” that distinguishes a great shirt from an ok shirt.
  • Planning Ahead Always Helps – One of the things we really pride ourselves on at Any Shirt Any Shelter is our turn around time. We’ve never missed a deadline, and we consistently are able to get shirts made and shipped ahead of schedule. That being said, we aren’t miracle workers. We’d love to make t-shirts for your 1,000-member traveling senior citizens polka group, but there’s no way we can have them ready by tomorrow. We could possibly have them ready in 7 business days, but we’d have to charge a rush fee to make it happen. Here’s a basic rundown of how far in advance we’d need to have artwork approved and an estimate accepted to avoid rush fees:

Estimated Rush Order Times
Quantity Rush Order Regular Order
1-24 3-5 Business Days 6+ Business Days
25-49 4-8 Business Days 9+ Business Days
50-99 5-9 Business Days 10+ Business Days
100-249 5-10 Business Days 11+ Business Days
250-499 6-11 Businss Days 12+ Business Days
500-999 7-13 Business Days 14+ Business Days
1000+ 10-15 Business Days 16+ Business Days

Times shown are truly an estimate depending on the number of other projects we have at the time. If we are able to produce your order without rushing, we won’t charge a rush fee. The opposite is also true. If we’re so swamped that we can’t make your order in the time that we’ve estimated above, we’ll let you know right up front that it isn’t possible. We’ll even offer to refer you to another quality screen-printer so that you can get your shirts made on time. We hope to never over-promise and under-deliver. That’s just the kind of people we are 🙂

Well, we hope that this has helped you in your pursuit of an awesome, cost-effective, awesome t-shirt for your next big event. If so, maybe it’s time that you go ahead and contact us about your order by clicking here!